Painting and Surface Design Workshops

Are you looking for an expert to take the lead?
Are you looking for an expert to take the lead at your guild’s next quilting retreat? Set up an in-store ‘camp’ that will bring your quilting customers into the shop? Here is the current list of Painting and Surface Design Workshops that are ready to go! Workshop length varies between half-day sessions up to 2 days. Taught by an art quilter who wrote the book. Literally. Susan Stein’s mastery and depth of workshop techniques offer art quilters an opportunity to expand their quilting expertise and be inspired by Susan’s methods of teaching in a fun, collaborative environment.
Workshop Details: Full day workshops are 6 hours. Half day workshops are 3 hours. Each workshop can teach up to 20 students at a time. Most of the surface design classes require water located close by. Adequate electrical outlets for several irons and sewing machines in classes. Rates: Full day rate is $500. Half day rate is $250. Plus expenses (mileage, airfare, hotel and meals). Kits for surface design classes, which include everything students will need, can be requested for a fee ($25 per student per day, $15 for a half day). This is highly recommended because we move fast and everything is prepared ahead of time.

Stamp Making for Use with Paint

Learn lots of easy ways to make your own one-of-a-kind stamps.  You will be able to create original fabrics to carry out a theme or perfectly fit a color scheme.

Printing Adventures

Learn seven different ways to add unique design to your fabrics, garments, and home dec items.  Use paints with gelatin plates, Monoprinting, credit card marks, brayers, screens, natural items, and stamps.

Splash and Puddle!

Create watercolor techniques using Dye-na Flow paint.  Pattern your fabric and add beautiful color with very little effort—the paint does the work!

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