Art Quilter. Author. Workshop Teacher. Studio Coach. Friend.


Want to expand your knowledge of quilts and surface design? Susan has many fun, collaborative workshops that dive into fabric painting, surface design and quilt making. Half day through 5 days in length.

Studio Coaching

When you need a personal coach who knows a sewing machine better than a rowing machine. Susan is offering one-on-one coaching in her light, airy studio. (If you like to collaborate, bring up to three friends.)

Art Quilt Gallery

Click here for inspiration! Saturated color, texture and designs that transition from the traditional into the contemporary. Quilts are available for purchase.

Susan’s Teaching Philosophy:

African Bird

African Bird

Over a thirty year career in fiber art, I have taught hundreds of people how to design wall art, using non-threatening approaches, and including color theory and workable construction methods. It is a joy to see students exhibit their work and find their voices. In addition to quilting, stitching, garment sewing, knitting, embroidery, and off-loom weaving, I have investigated and developed dozens of embellishment and surface design techniques and written seven books about quilt and surface design. Teaching is actually a main focus of my arts career. I like to simplify methods and organize learning experiences for others, and then watch them run with the knowledge. I enjoy discussion of work in progress and brainstorming solutions to design problems. More than reading about other artists, I love to interact with them, learn their thought processes, and see them in action. My best classroom experiences as a student involve seeing the work of the other participants, and part of my teaching method has always been working ahead of the students and presenting all the trials and errors to them, instead of showing only successful examples. I know how to advise students when they run into problems because I have made all the same mistakes!